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We will professionally clean all types of tile to ensure the lasting beauty of your tile.


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Carpet Cleaning Services Mercer Island


Are you looking for carpet cleaning services in Mercer Island, WA? Our carpet cleaning services are available through Mercer Island Carpet Care. Mercer Island Carpet Care provides quality care and equipment with our carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning services will remove stains, extract dirt, improve air flow, and enhance carpet appearance.

Carpet cleaning services are offered by many individuals and companies in Mercer Island but Mercer Island Carpet Care can guarantee 100% satisfaction with our professional service and customer care. Certified and quality trained technicians will produce tremendous results when you schedule carpet cleaning services with Mercer Island Carpet Care.

Carpet cleaning services in Mercer Island include:

  • Pre-inspection of carpet
  • Treatment of any spots or stains
  • Thorough cleaning of carpet
  • Post inspection

To schedule carpet cleaning services in Mercer Island, call Mercer Island Carpet Care today!

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Deep Cleaning Services Mercer Island


Deep cleaning services are offered in Mercer Island to help keep your everyday surroundings clean, safe, and provide a healthy environment. Regular deep cleaning services help prevent excessive buildup of unwanted contaminants that are tracked in from the outside.

Regular vacuuming does cut down on the dirt and soil but deep cleaning services will benefit your floors in removing the oils and other particles that the regular vacuum does not remove. Mercer Island Carpet Care is one of the best deep cleaning services in Mercer Island and greatly values our Mercer Island customers.

Benefits of using deep cleaning services:

  • Extends the life of the carpet
  • Removal of bacteria and dirt
  • Eliminates stains
  • Enhances the appearance of the room
  • Promotes overall health

Call today for professional deep cleaning services in Mercer Island with Mercer Island Carpet Care.

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Deep Cleaning Mercer Island


Deep cleaning your floors, whether it be carpet or tile, is a very long and tiring job, especially if you do not have the correct equipment. We have the solution for you. You can schedule a deep cleaning with Mercer Island Carpet Care today and check off this tedious, tiresome job from your list.

Deep cleaning is vital in keeping your home or place of work, in Mercer Island, free from harmful contaminants and particles. The results of deep cleaning also aids in better air flow and promotes overall health.

Signs to recognize when your carpet is in need of deep cleaning:

  • Stains or dirty patches
  • Noticeable odors
  • Worn areas known for high traffic
  • Dark edges or areas throughout the house

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